Alumni Network

Hey Pathfinder,
As we look ahead to Camp’s 100th season, special Camp Pathfinder centennial projects are coming into focus. The big Reunions in August. A documentary film on Pathfinder’s century. A group of Pathfinder alumni joining a 100 Days of Tripping project for next summer. Submissions for a second volume of Mac’s Paddles Flashing …Here’s another one that will serve our special community well. Please join this project!

A Professional Network for our Alumni.
Recently, senior staff member Grif Edwards has launched a centennial project for us that is sure to have lasting influence. The Pathfinder Alumni Network. We want to create a way for Pathfinder guys to stay in touch and develop professional connections.

A simple directory of Alumni who agree to participate in the Network will be available on a login-protected page of the Pathfinder web site. True utility. True privacy.

Take a moment to return this form to Grif. Let us add you to the Network…

The Network is based on the idea that, regardless of their Pathfinder era, Pathfinder trippers know and value the unique attitudes, abilities and experiences of Pathfinder trippers. That Pathfinder guys are quality contacts and quality workmen. That Pathfinder guys will help each other out, better and more enthusiastically than a college or fraternity network ever could.

There are hundreds of accomplished Pathfinder men all over North America whose university, professional, and community experiences make them a great source of connection, advice and encouragement for the next generation, that amazing group of senior Headmen heading into their world of higher education and career work.

Likewise, a ready network of Pathfinder contacts would be a great professional resource for well-established Pathfinder Alumni.

We will give our alumni access to a password-protected directory, searchable by name, home city, education, occupation, camp years, and more. Look up old friends, alert us to lost alumni, perhaps provide a young alumnus with a knowledgeable contact in a new city, a first interview, a look at his credentials, a well-placed phone call or reference, a school recommendation ,or just helpful career advice.

Pathfinder projects succeed when the team pulls together. Get in on this! Please answer our survey. Thanks!

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