Pathfinder In-Camp Life

Summer at Pathfinder is for enjoying the activities and rhythms of north woods camp life. Morning activity periods are for instruction in core activities like swimming, paddling, ropes and camping skills. Afternoons are for "optionals": the Campers choose their favorites from among all the camp offerings. How about archery, kayaking, snorkeling, art, biking, fishing, climbing and ropes?

Swimming is an important focus. Instructional swim teaches Red Cross skill levels. 'Polar Bear' swim is a refreshing optional dip before each breakfast. Free-swim periods are offered each afternoon and evening.

The entire Camp joins together for all meals, and each evening, for one of many games and traditions unique to the Island. Evening Program ensures that the Camp as community is observed

Other popular Pathfinder Activities include: arts and crafts, canoe regattas, tournaments, All-Island Treasure Hunts, Capture the Flag, and the ultra popular Treasure Hunt and SURVIVAL game.

Pathfinder Canoe Tripping

Setting out from Pathfinder Island, trippers in Pathfinder’s trademark red canoes cruise the 3,000 square mile Algonquin Park backcountry. Shorter trips range from 2 to 10 days. Camp's older boys venture on longer journeys down the wild rivers of Ontario and Quebec. These longer trips range from 12-day to 40-days, including two week cruises in Temagami, three week treks on Ottawa Valley rivers, and 4-6 week expeditions to James Bay, northern Quebec and western Ontario.

Canoe Trips depart and arrive on a daily basis. Sign ups are taken from each age group, and canoe trippers may help plan their partners, guides, and routes. Trip training for all is a staple program at the start of each session, and particular attention is paid to new campers. Everyone learns how to pack, paddle, make and break camp, and master canoe safety before hitting the trail.

Pathfinder canoe trips are a fun challenge, where everyone plays their part in a small, effective team.

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