Pathfinder - A Boy's Summer Life

Summer days in the woods, full of friendship, challenge and fun
Boys Summer Life

Pathfinder Island has been an ideal boys' summer setting for 104 seasons!

Pathfinder is all about active summer days of healthy challenge and independence. Here, boys are surrounded by friends of many ages. Sports, canoe trips and activities unfold in this historic community, full of traditions including a real commitment to teamwork. The camp is a positive place where boys respect each other and relish the privilege of belonging. The camp culture is decidedly cooperative rather than competitive. 

Pathfinder sessions include 2-weeks, 3 1/2-weeks and 7-weeks each summer. Each session is designed especially for the camp's age groups, which range from age 7-16. A special one-week session is offered to new boys age 7 each summer.

A Pathfinder Boy's Summer Life ...

Pathfinder has been a wonderful boys' summer life since 1914. Here, our boys are active, they challenge themselves and experience success, they make terrific friendships, and they're cared for by counselors who were themselves campers, then carefully selected and trained to provide a safe and wholesome experience.

Our lifestyle in the north woods is the ultimate school break for growing boys. They eat well, they sleep well, and they’re in motion all day long. Tripping, paddling, swimming, climbing, hiking, sailing, playing field or court sports, practicing woods skills, and even sharing camp chores.

But instead of making it a workout, we make it an adventure. The boys head back to the school year with energy and self-confidence. They also get hooked on the active life and it becomes a lifestyle they continue as adults. It’s a lifestyle they will pass on to their own kids.

Leadership is another key element. Pathfinder counselors have been campers themselves. They empathize, and they are well trained to be providers of the great experiences they had as campers. With a staff to camper ratio of 1:2, there is a lot of personal attention. And the approach is positive and encouraging, which gives boys a  sense of security and success.

Finally, there is the camp's beautiful setting and its rich traditions. The island is shaded by old growth pines, and surrounded by a gorgeous northern lake. The sights, sounds and routines of life at Pathfinder harken back to a simpler time. Along with the camp's many traditions, the setting helps create a sense of belonging and of comraderie. Most important, perhaps, is the chance it offers for boys to feel close to nature, and at ease with its simple living.

Mike Sladden
Owner - Director, 1999- 

In-Camp Program

The Pathfinder In-Camp program features a wide variety of water and land activity, including:

Swimming and Diving Canoeing Kayaking
Day Trips Climbing / Ropes-Challenge course Zip Line
Sailing Ecology Art & Craft
Woods skills Archery Fishing
Mountain & Trail Biking Canoe Making & Woodworking   Sports

Canoe Trip Program

The Pathfinder Canoe Trip program ranges from 3-day to 40-day expeditions in Algonquin and across Ontario and Quebec.

Tripping Highlights include

  • Top-quality equipment and staff safety certification
  • Wood-canvas canoes: the pride of Pathfinder
  • Overnight camping trips for young boys
  • Trips of 3-days to 7-days for ages 8-10
  • Trips of 5-days to 10-days for ages 11-12
  • Trips of 5-days to 18-days for ages 13-14
  • Expeditionary river trips 17-days to 40-days for age 15
  • Terrific home-cooked meals on the camp fire
  • Fishing, whitewater canoeing, bush hikes, historic sites
  • Custom trucking service to and from interior access points 

View the 2017 Canoe Trips ...


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